One Day Seminars


2012     Distributed access to  DB2 for z/OS”

             Practical DB2 for z/OS Performance Topics”


2013     DB2 Security in-depth

             DB2 10 System tuning

             DB2 for LUW state of the art


2014     DB2 for z/OS System Topics

             Analyzing performance using stats & accounting reports

             DB2 LUW : DR, HA, HADR, and pureScale demystified


2015     DB2 for z/OS Recovery in depth

             Moving and cloning DB2 data

             Introduction DB2 LUW for experienced DBA's


2016     Performance: Co-locating Transactional and Data Warehouse Workloads

             Buffer Pool: Design and definition, best practices, perf & optimiz, Data-Sharing (GBPs),...

             Big data demystified

             DB2 LUW - Interpretación de Planes de Acceso


2017     DB2 12 New Features and Enhancements

             DB2 z/OS State of the art, a system view

             Tuning you DB2 LUW using administrative views and table functions

             DB2 SQL/PL (Procedure Language): Desarrollo de Procedimientos


2018     The Db2 for z/OS Optimizer: Top rules

             Distributed access to Db2 for z/OS: the state of the art in 2018

             DSNZPARM update

             Análisis de sentencias SQL en entornos LUW

             Diseño de aplicaciones web con IBM Db2


2019     All you must know about Db2 and WLM and z/OS address space

             Db2 12 for z/OS post-migration early user experiences

             Análisis de sentencias SQL en entornos LUW


2020     Db2 12 for z/OS Migration Planning Workshop (online)

             La Automatización y Medición hace más fácil el trabajo del DBA (online)


2021     Db2 for z/OS security in depth

             Db2 12 for z/OS lessons learned

             Running applications in a hybrid mix of Db2 for z/OS and Db2 LUW


2022     Db2 Packages: Administration and Execution

             DB2 enhancements revisited

             Trusted contexts and Distributed Access